Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My baby quilt is done!  It was fun to make and I still just love this fabric.  I was sorry I didn't have enough to use for the borders but I will bind it in this pink.   I am considering having it quilted in pink thread to liven up those white borders!  mine is 36" square.  
Here is the pattern I used Slice by Miss Rosie Quilt Co.
If you like antique quilts like I do your going to LOVE this new book by Laundry Basket Quilts
A Handful of Scraps, 36 antique quilt pictures some are from her own collection and others are from museums in MIchigan. 15 patterns in the book
All I can say is WOW  I will be making this quilt , here's a sneak peak I am sure you can find other pictures on her website of the other quilts in the book….be prepared to be wowed!
hard to take pictures of books but I am sure you get the idea!!!!
hope you find time in your sewing room this week….
need some inspiration?
A store window I passed yesterday… can bet one of these will be made into a little quilt this week….its a TILE store, it really is. Do you think someone is telling me get back in your sewing room and get sewing????

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I whipped up another little doll quilt yesterday.  There is a quilt guild that collects doll quilts to give to a charity that gives children a doll for the holidays in December.  I hope to be able to donate a few little quilts to such a worthy cause.

I pulled fabric last night to whip up another little quilt, this is a treasured piece of pink fabric from Moda, its probably a few years old :)   Of course I had to make one block and am happy with it.
a fun trick is shown in the pattern to whip up these blocks easily…
The pattern actually has 3 different patterns in it I will be making the one on the right for now with the grey background.  Its called Slice , Little Bites patterns by Miss Rosie Quilt company.  I just love how easy these patterns are written and easy to follow.
cute isn't it?

I spent a few days in Boston this week, again, and I kept finding quilt patterns everywhere I looked, I think I was really missing my sewing room….

think a brick quilt  will be made soon and look at the windows all I kept seeing was nine patches :)
love the green roof !

Hope you find time in your sewing room this week….
will be catching up with my blog reading over the next day or two.
as always thanks for your visits and your comments.

Monday, 11 August 2014

A few little quilts made this weekend, it started with the bright one…
a friend gave me a pile of strips so decided it was time to make a quilt with them…yes out of my comfort zone but I knew I could whip up something…
I bet some little girl would love this little quilt for her doll.  It will be donated. This is a 3" finished block quilt top is 15" x 18" quilt in case you want to whip one up too!
Started thinking I had a few strips of the red and white left from the quilt in my last post so I whipped up the same pattern in red and white.

still had a few more strips so decided to make it smaller and then add a border blue with stars, a patriotic  little quilt!
Interesting to see how you can make the same block and have 3 different looks…

The strips are back in the bag I need to add some more to it so I can whip up a twin size quilt.

hope you found time in your sewing room this weekend too….

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Its a quilt top!  this was fun to make I am really happy with the results.  It reminds me of those bulletin boards with the ribbon, remember those?  The pattern is Hot Cross by Miss Rosie Quilt company
and hers is very scrappy the look is so different…..  I like using a pattern as a jumping off point and not making the quilt exactly like the picture.  When I first started quilting I can remember wanting the same exact fabric that the designer used I was always afraid my quilt wouldn't look as good otherwise.
I think this is true of many new quilters,  I just needed the confidence to choose my own fabrics and color palette.
Here is the quilt on the pattern….fun to see the difference isn't it.  So don't be afraid to use a pattern and make it your own.  I just love I don't have to think sometimes about  size of block, cutting directions and scale of block vs border etc.  and I just loved this design.

I bought this fabric thinking it would be a fun fabric for a strippy quilt… yes I really did buy it ok it was on the clearance rack and its yellow and has birds on it, I just had to!

after having it up on the wall for a day or two I am now asking myself what was I thinking, it will make a  great back fabric and you can't beat the price I paid!  I still love the fabric but not sure it will play nice with my fabrics.   hmmm maybe I should put a few blocks up there and make sure….what do you think
Tula Pink meets repros????

just love these fabrics from the midwinter reds line by moda…minick and simpson

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Yesterday I finally was able to spend a few hours in the sewing room!  I started working on the Schnibbles Pattern Hot Cross.
I just love this block. I love the way it looks right now, maybe it  just needs to be a little quilt!  Or maybe I need to make it again.  I don't think I will ever tire of red and white quilts.

I went with just 2 colors instead of scrappy!   These are from the Midwinter Reds Line by Minick and Simpson for Moda Fabrics

Here is whats on my cutting table this morning waiting for me to make a few more blocks!
So tell me whats on your cutting table this morning?

thought about this a lot yesterday funny how I really love quilts with hundreds of fabrics in them but 2 color quilts are what I seem to be working on lately….

Have you seen the sunflower quilt on Pinkadot Quilts Blog that Kelly made?  I just love that quilt it will be donated to her quilt guild to raffle off at their quilt show.

hope you find time in your sewing room this week…...

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

 One of my favorite quilts I have made…. This was published back in Dec 2012 by American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  Its all about the fabrics….  here are a few of my favorites…..
That pink on the left of the magazine wish I had more of that one!
  here are a few of my favorites…..
 another beautiful pink above need more of that one too its old!

 that blue oh my need more of that too

 the black with all those flowers is a great transition fabric as I call them…makes other fabrics blend together easier in mho...

 should have a bought a bolt of this Moda turkey red fun print...
 look at that maroon wavy fabric wish I had more of that and the pink stripe below and that blue paisley one wow!

Truly a fun quilt to make and a great way to use up scraps…. I will be making another one, I have been cutting squares from my scrap basket! 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I know I know I should be finishing my wip's or UFO's but decided I really needed to start a new project.  A log cabin quilt , browns with pink centers….simple block but the setting will make the quilt wonderful, I think !  and well the pink centers a bit of a surprise (not red!)

Had to work out the center block size and the  log size , first one I made I couldn't figure out why it was not a square….
check out the picture  can you see why?
took me about a 1/2 hr to figure out what went wrong!  the last round of light was not trimmed to the size I wanted , crisis adverted and started making blocks….

Here is a bom I just signed up for I really just wanted to buy the pattern.  I am not a fan of bom's  I tend to get bored waiting  or loose interest.  But this was the only way I could get the pattern now and I have loved this quilt since the first time I saw pictures of it in Mary Kovals antique quilt booth at a few quilt shows over the years.  I love red and green appliqué quilts and I love when there are birds on the quilts.
I really just could not resist it any longer...
I will be starting this quilt soon I wanted to get a bolt of the background fabric so I can prewash it, I will tell you mine will be a bit different then the original.
Isn't it just a great quilt?  fun in my opinion too…
The Quilted Crow girls Leonie Bateman and Deirdre Bond-Abel,bought the antique quilt and made a pattern from it thankfully  now I can make it too!
another quilt I want to whip up in August is this Schnibbles , Hot Cross by Miss Rosie 's quilt company.  easy just went on line and bought a pdf file and instantly I had a copy of the pattern!  Isn't technology wonderful?  I love when it works this easily.

I have made this pattern before in just 2 fabrics and loved it but gave it away to a friend and the pattern must still be packed away. don't you just love this fabric combo, red and white ? I doubt I will ever tire of it These two are  from the Midwinter Reds collection by Simpson and Minick from Moda Fabrics.  Oh how I love this red.  Found it on sale at Daisy Cottage online quilt shop.

Now I just need a few hours a day to sew, sew, sew!  Hope you find time to sew this week too.

hopefully next post there will be real progress shown on 2 out of the 3 above projects!